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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trivia - Quadholdt Contest

Here are the ways you can score even more entries than you already have. If you have read a book by Lauren Barnholdt, you can get three entries. If you haven't, you can still get two entries. All you have to do is answer at least one question and e-mail them to me at

These trivia questions do not contain big spoilers. Those who have read Two Way Street can also answer the other two questions that are not under their category. Today we have questions from Two Way Street.

(+3) For those who have read Two Way Street:

1. What are the names of Jordan's and Courtney's best friends?
2. What page is this quote found? "I am a traitor to my generation. Seriously."

(+2) For those who have not read the book or for those who just want more extra entries:

1. How many pages long is Two Way Street?
2. Who is the publisher of the book?

Remember to e-mail these answers to me! Check back later for Kelsey Barnholdt's interview! :)