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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quote it Saturday (1)

Another new meme, and this time from Leslie! :D Here is what she intends this meme to be:

So I was thinking about doing something concerning some favorite book quotes or actually quotes in general. So today I bring you... dun dun dun Quote it Sat. where you give a quote from one of your favorite reads!

Here's mine from Two Way Street. It's the last paragraph of the book and I love that it gives a feeling of closure:
Once the door shuts behind her, I pick up my cell phone and take a deep breath. I have to call Lloyd. I have to call my mom, my dad, and Jocelyn. I told Jordan he had to stop protecting me, and now I have to stop protecting myself. I decide to go for it, to jump into things, to make the hardest call first. I dial my dad's number at work. The sun is shining through the window, casting stripes of light on the floor. "Hey," I say when he answers. "It's me."


Leslie said...

omg! i abs love this quote out of this book! one of my favorites!

Book Dragon said...

I've got a book related quote as a gadget under today's posts.

check it out,...heading over to Leslie's