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Monday, September 28, 2009

Contest Winners!! :D

Okay, so both contests have ended greatly. All books are packed in their boxes so all I need are addresses.

But let's start of with the Canadian winners!!!

The two winners are:


Congratulations! I have e-mailed you for your addresses.

Quadholdt contest winners are:

Ashley *(don't have your e-mail, please email me!)

Mandy* (what I said up there ^)

Kimberly (I e-mailed you! Thank you for answering trivia questions!)

Corianna (You're fine. You e-mailed me your trivia questions so I have e-mailed you back :])

*Next time, please include your e-mail -_- !!!
I know it wasn't in the instructions so it was completely my fault...
And for that you have 24 hours to e-mail me! For those who I have already e-mailed you got yourself two extra days! :D So 72 hours. For the Quadholdt contest, since the first two did not include their e-mail address, Kimberly gets to choose first. Then Corianna! Then Mandy! Then Kimberly! :D

That is all...
[edit: Oh yeah...I'm hoping to have one of those 100+ followers contest next month so keep checking back! For this contest, only followers are allowed to enter and if you're a book blogger, you get an extra entry! :D]


Elijah said...

Darn it. I didn't win. I didn't include my e-mail address either in my entries so sorry!! xD

Ashley said...

OMG I WON!!! Sorry for not including my e-mail address. I'll e-mail you right now.

Wendy said...

Congrats guys!!

Literary Deviant said...

congrats girls!!