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Friday, July 16, 2010

Restoring Harmony by Joelle Anthony

Restoring Harmony by Joelle Anthony
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: The year is 2041, and sixteen-year-old Molly McClure has lived a relatively quiet life on an isolated farming island in Canada, but when her family fears the worst may have happened to her grandparents in the US, Molly must brave the dangerous, chaotic world left after global economic collapse—one of massive oil shortages, rampant crime, and abandoned cities.

Molly is relieved to find her grandparents alive in their Portland suburb, but they’re financially ruined and practically starving. What should’ve been a quick trip turns into a full-fledged rescue mission. And when Molly witnesses something the local crime bosses wishes she hadn’t, Molly’s only way home may be to beat them at their own game. Luckily, there’s a handsome stranger who’s willing to help.

Restoring Harmony is a riveting, fast-paced dystopian tale complete with adventure and romance that readers will devour.

Review: I've always wanted to read this book after seeing a review from my friend. I couldn't find it anywhere at my B&N, so it took me a while until I found it at an indie. While I didn't love this book like I thought I would, it was certainly refreshing! I can't imagine a world without electricity. The world Anthony creates is alluring, but at the same time, it's also very shocking. Not only that, but it's so believable too! Restoring Harmony was a beautiful story with a powerful message. Its characters shined all around.

Molly, to me, was a good character. She's naive and grows throughout the book, which is entertaining. I liked how she would play the fiddle. I'm glad she brought it with her as it usually saves her. The most important thing I enjoyed reading about was Molly's family. They felt SO real. But Molly was only 16! How could her parents just allow her to go on her own to such a bloody, rubbishy place called America? She's so young! The romance between her and Spill also lacked in a sense, and he seems just too old for her. Still, I haven't read anything like this in such a long while! I'm so glad I did. Overall, this was a nice dystopian novel. Dark at some points, but with a light shining throughout, Restoring Harmony should be read.

What I thought of...

The Beginning: My attention was caught, but it kinda wavered a bit.

The Middle: It was good, but it wasn't GOOOOOOOD. Still, I really liked reading about all the predicaments she got herself in.

The End: It was satisfying, but I would have liked to see more interaction between her family.

(No favorite part/line from book because I lent it to my friend)

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Tales of Whimsy said...

Oh wow. I so want to read this. Awesome review!

~The Book Pixie said...

Aww you lniked to me! How sweet! lol. I'm really glad to hear that you ended up liking Restoring Harmony even if you didn't quite love it. Great review. :D


Emma said...

Great and well rounded review! I love dystopic fiction.