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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some thoughts...

This blog as a timeline
  • Evolution as a reader: Scrolling through my old posts, I can actually see how I've evolved as a reader. As a reader, I am no longer the same as I was in July 2009. I like different genres, different authors. I have different expectations.
Before, it was very difficult for me to write reviews because I was basically writing the same review over and over and over. I haven't updated in the longest time, mostly because I feel my position as a reader has changed. In my old reviews, I was so easily pleased. I had very little criticism about every book I read. And now, I'm finding myself being more critical, more demanding. Looking back, I cannot imagine Kim Now loving some of the books Kim Old loved in the past. Like, maybe. But love? No. Authors that I would have never thought about loving are some of the ones I love now.

I used to hate open endings--pitchforks, anyone?--and now, I appreciate them. I've learned to admire their depth and understand their ambiguity. Ambiguity is a huge part of our lives, and sometimes reading about ambiguity helps us come to terms with the uncertainty in our lives.

Honestly, I actually cringe reading some of my old reviews. But in some ways, I am still the same. I still take my fangirling to extremes. (Recently made a Facebook account for Augustus Waters. Guess who is in a relationship with him on Facebook? Heh. THIS GIRL. YEAH. WHAT IS LIFE.)

I am so thankful for this blog and other blogs because the truth is, we are still evolving as readers and as writers. Our blogs are timelines of that process.

Semi-hiatus is over. I am ready to start blogging again!~