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Review Policy

What books I accept: I will accept any YA book, but to be sure, please let me read the synopsis first. I also accept tween books (MG), but again, please allow me to read what the book is about first. It doesn't matter if the book is in ARC form or published form, just give me an e-mail and I will consider it! I have recently developed a love for nonfiction titles as well.

How I Review:  If you want a review to be posted at a certain time, be sure to let me know that because I generally post reviews as soon as I finish the book. I give 1 to 5 star ratings, and some go in decimal form. To see how one is generally formed,  please see any of them here. I review every one of the books I receive, and post my reviews to my Goodreads. I also post on B&N. Because of the craziness that is high school, I might not be able to get to your book as fast as I've been able to before.

Interviews/Giveaways: I love interviewing authors, or even allowing them to guest post to spice the blog up a bit. Giveaways are also possible here if you want them to be. If you want the giveaway to be a certain style, please let me know! :)

If you have any other questions, please e-mail me at