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Friday, July 9, 2010

Morgan Matson Signing

So in spirit of Amy & Roger's Epic Detour being about road trips, let me show you several pictures of the California freeway! The drive was only about 35 minutes long, and my 8 year old sister insisted on taking these pictures of the road! There's actually more, but I figured you'd rather hear about the signing.

Anyways, prior to the signing, I was freaking out on Twitter.If you were online at the time, you'd probably see me tweet things like, "OH NO. WHAT IF I HAVE A PANIC ATTACK AND PASS OUT." Unfortunately, readers, that did not happen...but mountains of awesomeness did! I literally do not have words for this special night. I'm actually typing this an hour after I left the signing. Plus, I am using a thesaurus because I just can't think of any more words. I am speechless!

Wow, I babble a LOT... So once we arrived, we sat in one of those comfortable chairs at Vromans. This was actually my first bookstore signing! So I was pumped up, a nervous wreck, and excited. Lots of emotions, right? Ah, when I got there, I wasn't sure if it was
Morgan Matson going around talking to people, but then it was! She looked so crazy beautiful in real life I didn't notice her from the book jacket.

I tried taking lots of photos but then my stupid camera starting making everything super bright. The photo to the right is the only one that wasn't blurry. (Note to self: Bring better camera next time.) But see? Doesn't she look amazing?

Morgan Matson was is absolutely the sweetest person ever. She knew how to make everyone laugh, and the room was just abuzz with her bubbly personality. I actually calmed down a bit due to her presence. My heartbeat slowed down, which was good. She read a little part of her novel (The cabin in Yosemite part which was HILARIOUS)

Anyway during the Q&A, she was asked a bunch of questions like, Would she write a screenplay for the book? (She's hesitant about it, and sorry fans, no film options yet *tear*) What her playlist was like, How she was inspired to write this novel with her roadtrips, and What the age range was for the book. There were more questions, but the dumb ol' me can't remember anymore, but all questions were answered very cleverly with a dash of humor! :) I wish I'd spoken up more though!

...OH AND GET THIS, SOME PERSON ASKED ABOUT BOOK TRAILERS (in general)!!! She mentioned the two she had (one from the lovely librarians and the one from me!) Of course, being the shy one, I didn't speak up. It'd be rude to just pipe up during the Q&A, wouldn't it? Ah well, it's too late now. But I was SO happy when she mentioned mine. There was a lot of freaking out although I didn't show it on the outside. I am quite the expert at looking plain boring. See, this is WHY I blog, read, and love books. No one is as nice as an author--sorry best friends!

You can see the beginning of her talk below! Unfortunately, it gets cut off because my camera ran out of memory. I needed pictures so I stopped. Please put down the pitchforks! I guess this isn't a good time to mention that my hands were shaky too...

So when it was time to line up for the signing, my heart began to pound more and more. But as I introduced myself as the one who made the trailer, everything began to slow down. (Thank goodness...) She was more than happy to sign my things! (I had found postcards in my house for some reason! Ha! I didn't get anything for a reader on here though. I was too worried it was too much...Oh and they sold some at the bookstore too. I should make note of that. Yeah I'm babbling again... )

She was incredibly friendly and I think I may not just have a new favorite book, but a new favorite author too! I wish I had talked more, but it was okay. I expressed my love for her book...sorta. I took a picture, and then I left to the YA section! I must say, their selection beats any other chain store!

This just might be the longest post I've written on the blog, but it doesn't even describe how happy I was to be at her signing! I realized that even if it was across the country, I would have gone. Road trip, anyone? ;)


Senfaye said...

I SO wish I could have gone. I'm so happy you had fun!!! Awesome post! :D

WonderGirl12 said...

YAY! YOU HAD A GOOD TIME! Glad you had a lovely first signing. <3

Sandy said...

D'oh. *puts her pitch fork away* I GUESS I can forgive you about the short video since you have such nice pictures up :) But I'm HAPPY that you're HAPPY about your first signing ♥ To more in the future!! *raises cup filled with what looks wine (but it's really grape juice, muwhaha)*

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Awesome recap and I think it's so cool she mentioned your trailer!!

SamWasson said...

Kim, thank you for this wonderful blog post! I'm SO jealous that you got to see Morgan Matson. I wish I could have been there. She is my favorite YA author and I loved AMY & ROGER!

Emma said...

So glad you had a great time! Book signings ROCK.

Emma said...

So glad you had a great time! Book signings ROCK.