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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Aelf Club: Unity by Stuart Brooke Richardson

The Aelf Club: Unity by Stuart Brooke Richardson
Rating: 3/5
Synopsis: Sara DeVere is special – but until her thirteenth birthday she had no earthly idea why. As she enters the eighth grade, Sara begins a mind-bending journey into the unknown – a journey that will eventually lead her to her destiny with a group of extraordinary friends, and with two unique teachers who come to share a deep secret with Sara. As the storyline progresses, our heroine is faced with some of the greatest tests one could possibly endure – not the least of which includes falling victim to the evil of a rapidly growing global threat. But in the company of good friends her will is strengthened, along with her growing knowledge of ancient Secrets – and the wisdom to use such knowledge in the fight for justice. “Unity” – the first volume in “The Aelf Club” series.

Review: This book has a lot of promise, but it didn't appeal to me due to some parts that dragged out a bit, parts that didn't seem necessary for me. The whole apsect of the book is something to watch for though. It packs a lot of great points such as how Sara is struggling with life. It is fast paced, so I suppose that is a positive point. If you love books with the element of adventures and finding yourself, you will like this book! The cover doesn't lure the reader in, but reading the book is not a regret. I might not have loved it, but it was a good book nonetheless.

FTC: Received to review from OST a few months ago :)