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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday

(Why yes, this blog is not dead anymore. At least I hope warned this post reflect upon a very hyper and giddy Kim)

This post sort of coincides with THE book I am waiting for in 2011. Now, I call it THE book because this is the book I am most excited for in the new year. It sounds so edgy and alluring that I deem it to be THE book. The cover is beautiful; the synopsis is amazing--basically, every piece of it is a burst of beautiful.


This is THE book...

And if that wondertastic (yesh, I am making up words. That's how excited I am!) fireball of amazing does not astound you and make you want to read it now, now, NOW, watch this video:

Harhar, do you want to read it NOW? Why, yes, yes you do.

Why is this beautiful novel not in my hands? Why is it haunting me everywhere I go? The other day when I was in my horrid Chem class learning empirical formulas, I was thinking, "Divergent! Divergent!" Who does that? What do empirical formulas have to do with the word anyway? Nothing--nothing I tell you! -Sigh- I need this book NOW, NOW, NOW. But patience is key. Only less than 150 days before I get my hands on this book. I might actually write a letter to Santa about this...(one can dream...) XD


Sandy said...

"every piece of it is a burst of beautiful." <---love!

I'm excited for Divergent too! And I love how your enthusiasm is practically exploding from this post! Lol, I do the same thing too! I'm in class and I SHOULD be focusing on lectures but instead I'm like, "2011 YA releases...CLARITY! HEREAFTER! DIVERGENT! PULL OF GRAVITY! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!" *HEADDESK*

Raíla said...

I JUST discovered this book yesterday on Goodreads, and it sounds so awesome! I'm really excited now, too. :)