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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to Books: Giveaway from Me | Day 008

Before I say anything, can you believe it is ALREADY September?

By the time this post is up, it'll be the first day of school for me. All those relaxing summer days? THEY'RE GONE...the bright side is, today is Wednesday, which means school starts at 9. More sleep? Heck yes. *happy dances*

And there's always those pesky rumors about your new teachers. Sometimes, they turn out true, and other times, they don't. First days aren't usually "first days," just teacher introductions. Gah, I wish I had one more week...Please cross your fingers for me to have a very good first day! In case you are wondering, I'm going into my sophomore year of high school...

When school starts, I always say to myself, "Hey, at least you'll have more books to read!" And it's true! For today, I'm going to give away a SIGNED ARC of NIGHTSHADE--something for all of you guys going back to school to look forward too. It is a wonderful, wonderful book. Expect the review to come this month...and a trailer... ;D

To enter, just comment on this post with a short paragraph on the funniest thing that happened during this summer. If we get enough entries, I will pick from the funniest. If not, randomizer FTW. If our contest is THAT lonely, we'll just open this up to extra entries...let's see how it goes ;) I'll leave this contest up until the end of the B2B special. Ends 09/13 midnight, California time


jess said...

Over the summer i worked with my parents picking cherries at an orchard. One day my dad's boss comes over and tells him that his grandson John has a crush on me. I have never gotten a really good look at his face before so i was curious. About 2 hours later John comes around and by then i was already on top of the ladder. I was trying to inconspicously take a peek of his face but a stupid branch was blocking the way, so i stretched. i guess i stretched too much because some how my foot slipped and i ended up falling all the way down. Everyone laughed including myself.

Emma Kate "Coops" @ Whats Cracking Coops said...

If this is international, I'll enter! :) (Can pay postage if won, LOL). Funnily enough...I blogged about my funniest experience just the other day!

But in a short paragraph, I was walking my horse down our dirt road when a semi-trailer came flying past. He's kind of a nutcase, LOL, so I was expecting a schizophrenic episode...but nope, barely batted an eyelash as we were submerged in a giant dust storm. When it had a chance to settle and the truck was long gone...Z.O.M.G, Bj the horse flew out the side, his legs going in 5829202 directions like a spider and snorting louder than a steam train's horn. The cause for his distress? A cow.
Yeah, one of those ordinary, black and white ones. *rolls eyes*.

I luvs my pony :D
Emma :)

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Here's my funny (but mostly embarrassing) story of the summer:

My family just recently got a new treadmill and I was bored and just started jogging on it. My brother was in the room and told me I was moving backward, so I proceeded to tell him that there was plenty of room and I didn't want to hit the guard at the top. I said this and glanced down. Big mistake. Looking down made me slightly disoriented/dizzy and I moved to the side a little, caught the edge of the treadmill, slipped, and then went down. Hard. It hurt. I laughed. He laughed. I have a nice burn on my arm from rubbing on the treadmill/carpet, but I made his day. I'm just happy he was the only person to witness it. Well, him and my turtle (but he won't tell anyone).

Louisse A. said...

Sooo I know I'm suppose to be writing a funny story but funny stories lead to embarrassing moments sooo here is mine:
Last summer my family and my neighbors went to my Aunt's beachhouse.
Everynight we would stay by the beach with a bonfire and you know food.
As I was arriving one of my Uncle's shouted, "Francine! Lobster!" Which, as you know lobsters are evil little *ahem*. So I panicked, screamed and hopped on my dad's lap, until I regained my sanity.
I realized that I just embarrassed myself my whole neighborhood and THAT LOBSTERS LIVE IN WATER. Wish I'd remembered sooner. Cause I was pretty sure my 18-year-old neighbor was staring at me.
And so I never got to live it up.

My name is Louisse Francine (you know because the names are different)

Raven said...

I warned you~
So I was with the mall with my older sister and her friends. (They had no choice but to take me along, mom's orders) I like seeing my sister's friends because they are absolutely hilarious! So, them being hilarious one of them told us a joke it just so happens I was drinking some rootbear it seemed that her joke was really corny but funny. The rootbear squirted put of my nose! :)) Yeah, they only laughed and handed me a tissue. They told her to never say jokes to a person drinking something. It just so happens this wasn't the first incident. :))


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have no Google account.
Here's my story:
So over the summer I worked with a few close friends at a bookstore. And one of them being a jokester wanted tell a 'Yo Momma' joke. So we all listened to what she had to say, "'yo Momma is so fat when she swam in the Pacific Ocean whales started singing, "We are family"" (With all the intonations and accents) We seemed to have found it hilarious and we just laughed and laughed. But I had this one friend who wouldn't let it go. She would laugh and laugh for days repeating the joke. It kind of got tiring. But that's a whole different story! :)


Anonymous said...

This summer I was with my friends. :) And then we decided to go to the mall but as we were paying for our movie tickets some of us wandered off. I was looking for my bestie, I found at a different counter. Since, whenever I saw her I would always flick her arm and so I did. It just so happens the girl turned around and I saw her face! I realized she wasn't my bestie, apologized and left. As I was leaving the line I could see my friends laughing their eyes out.


Anonymous said...

For the summer my parents had forced me to join a dancing class. A cheerdancing class to be exact. We were only a few days away before our finals and were finishing the dances off. So we were supposed to dance this one dance that had tha lamest steps ever and being the lazy person I am I was very impassive. There was this part of the dance where we had to run in a preppy cheerleader kind off way but since they were lame steps I just walked and raised my arm up. After that one of the assistant cheerleaders went up to me and I though she would scold me but here's what she said, "Keila, I was what you did and it was... Hilarious!" Then laughed like a maniac and fell on the floor, literally. And everybody joined in but I really didn't understand why it was so funny. But yeah. :)


Unknown said...

My cousins daughter has lots of pacifiers and my cat totally loves them. If he finds one, he will walk around with it in his mouth. It is hilarious!