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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quick updates!

For the Radiant Giveaway, I have selected a winner! If you've just received an e-mail from me asking for your address, and you go by the name Rachelle...*wink, wink*

If you signed up for the Mistwood tour, I apologize because I didn't send out the list. *blushes* so I'll just post it here! Remember you can keep it up to 1 week, but 3 extra days are fine, and mail with a DC! :) You can either e-mail your DC or leave it in the comments below.

(a few people dropped out since the last month so if I've already told you your number and it's changed, that's why.)

1. Lauren (TX) : Mailed with DC (will be posted)
2. Kate (TN) : Received. 4/01 -Mailed. DC: 0309 2880 0000 5442 9437
3. Sandy (NY) : Received 04/10
4. Jennifer (VA)
5. Jessica (VA)
6. Lilibeth (FL)

If you'd like to be added, please e-mail me at! Mistwood is great! Release date is 04/27!

On a less embarrassing note, my birthday is in just 12 days! I think... and I'm planning to go to the LA Festival of Books on the 24th :) Spring break is also just a few days away, so planning to rework the blog a bit. Have a happy Sunday! ;D