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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Throwdown Thursday (5)

This awesome meme is hosted by Kate @ The Neverending Shelf...

Last week's winner

The Truth About Forever!

(Copied & pasted from Kate) Throwdown Thursday is going to be (hopefully) a weekly thing where we tackle books with similar characters, covers, themes, etc. to determine which one rocks more. And it is up to YOU to determine the winner! To vote for your favorite, simply leave a comment with your choice. The winner will be announced next week with the new Throwdown contestants. [For Kate's TT go to her blog (: ]

This week's contestants! Who will win the smackdown? ;)

Time traveling & Classic novels names

Saving Juliet or Prada & Prejudice??
You decide who will win this throwdown!


Briana said...

Saving Juliet! :)


Danni said...

Prada & Prejudice looks really cute, beautiful blog by the way! :D

Misty said...

I love the cover of Saving Juliet, but Prada and Prejudice is one of the best titles. Awesome.

Unknown said...

I haven't read either D: but my vote will go for Prada and Prejudice cause I really want to read it more.