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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour Trailer!

Hello, my fellow readers of the universe. As you may know, Amy & Roger's Epic Detour is a favorite of mine ♥ and many other readers. Let's face it. Every single word, picture, and page in that book is pure genius! And if you haven't read it already, go now! Yes, NOW. If that doesn't have you convinced, then read the many reviews online! Mine is here #shamelessplug...ooh, look! This review is also amazing. And this one. Are you clicking? You should be clicking. Alright, review linking time is over. Maybe just one more ;)

Well, that was surely a mouthful xD What was I going to say again? Oh right. I hope you're reading every word I'm typing out and not just clicking on the video below. Aha! I caught you! Yes, you in that shirt! (Even if everyone wears shirts ...)

As you may also know (or's been quite a long while) I have a liking for making trailers. But it doesn't show since I've previously made only one titled Two Way Street? Ring a bell? No, okay. I promise all my trailers are NOT going to be about road trip books (even if they pwn), I just happened to really love Amy & Roger's Epic Detour! It is my favorite read this year

Onward! Thank you if you've actually read all this. Please take a minute to pat yourself on the back. I really appreciate you enduring my ramblings that are not funny at all even if I hope to have that effect. Now, before you watch this trailer --or even after-- yes, I know, my trailer is really off. It's not even as third as good as the real book itself. But comments are appreciated--either below this posting or on the YouTube video itself. And I want to thank those lovely people who watched this vid beforehand and told me what to fix!

...and now...
*drum roll*

Well, that's it. Hope reading this post wasn't too much trouble!

---Oh! If you live in SoCal, hop on over (or drive...though, I prefer hopping) to Vroman's to meet the lovely author herself THIS Friday, July 9th at 7 p.m.! If you are, please let me know as I'll be there too. Lil' ol me. I hope I won't be bringing TOO MUCH for her to sign :( Only a book, a few postcards (for three of my blogging friends!), and a map or two (one for me and a reader on here, or maybe just the reader, or no map at all since I don't want to push it) Tell me, readers, is that a lot? :( I've only been to one other signing, which wasn't really a signing ...just a book festival... Call me a noob, please give me some advice on this and where to buy postcards...


WonderGirl12 said...

*dances* Trailer rocks. Post rocks. I BET THE BOOK ROCKS. I'll have to find out! <3

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

OMG AWESOME!! You are fantastic with these! This fit the book so well and I love all the pictures and fonts you used!

Senfaye said...

Lovelovelove this trailer. You have skillz, Kimmie! I am totally going to buy the book now. <3

Hit the Books said...

Fantastic trailer! I wasn't sure of this one, but your trailer made me want to read it right away!!

Anonymous said...

Oh nice trailer you got there. I'm fixing to read this book right now; your trailer makes me want to read it even more :)

~The Book Pixie said...

I won this book a little while back and am still waiting to get it. You did a lovely job with the trailer and yes I read your whole post too. :P Way to go, girl! :D


Sandy said...

Shamelessly promoting your review along with others again? Gosh.

Unfortunately, evil one, it worked. I checked out your review and commented. ♥

And I love that trailer (you have epic trailer-making skills). It should be the official trailer :)

Ashley said...

I really love this trailer! It looks great and sums up the book perfectly! (:

Emma said...

This is really cute. I still have to read this one.

a片 said...