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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some thoughts...

This blog as a timeline
  • Evolution as a reader: Scrolling through my old posts, I can actually see how I've evolved as a reader. As a reader, I am no longer the same as I was in July 2009. I like different genres, different authors. I have different expectations.
Before, it was very difficult for me to write reviews because I was basically writing the same review over and over and over. I haven't updated in the longest time, mostly because I feel my position as a reader has changed. In my old reviews, I was so easily pleased. I had very little criticism about every book I read. And now, I'm finding myself being more critical, more demanding. Looking back, I cannot imagine Kim Now loving some of the books Kim Old loved in the past. Like, maybe. But love? No. Authors that I would have never thought about loving are some of the ones I love now.

I used to hate open endings--pitchforks, anyone?--and now, I appreciate them. I've learned to admire their depth and understand their ambiguity. Ambiguity is a huge part of our lives, and sometimes reading about ambiguity helps us come to terms with the uncertainty in our lives.

Honestly, I actually cringe reading some of my old reviews. But in some ways, I am still the same. I still take my fangirling to extremes. (Recently made a Facebook account for Augustus Waters. Guess who is in a relationship with him on Facebook? Heh. THIS GIRL. YEAH. WHAT IS LIFE.)

I am so thankful for this blog and other blogs because the truth is, we are still evolving as readers and as writers. Our blogs are timelines of that process.

Semi-hiatus is over. I am ready to start blogging again!~


sarah said...

wow, i completely agree.

Sandy said...

*hugs* best post yet! I agree as well...we change as time goes by and I've undergone a similar transformation as a reader too.

Great picture, btw ;)

the epic rat said...

You had me with the shrooms :D

This is so totally true, and I recently had the same thoughts while looking back at my blog! There are some books that got high ratings with the PAST me that may not fare well with the CURRENT me. It is weird, but also kinda neat to see how gradually we change without noticing!

IM COOL said...

"I am ready to start blogging again!~"


-in your 6th period

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