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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mistakes You Shouldn't Make at Festivals

Hey all !

Yesterday, I went to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and had loads of fun. I met many authors, including Cherry Cheva and Robin Benway. It's unbelievable how gorgeous they look in person! And seeing some of the authors was so surreal because they look NOTHING like their author pictures...possibly even more dazzling!

Being the dorky me, I made an awful lot of mistakes. Make sure you learn from mine because I regret them so much! *facepalm*

1.) Look up schedule beforehand
2.) Bring the RIGHT books! (The books I brought from home were apparently for Sunday's signing...Had to cough out money for books that I already had at home just because I wanted them signed...)
3.) Say hi to anyone you know and introduce yourself! (Especially if this person's a blogger !)
4.) Know that when they mean the YA Stage, it's actually a STAGE and not just a tent. (Yeah, I always thought I was at the stage when it was just the area for the signings -.-)
5. ) Go on Twitter and look at tweets about the festival BEFORE you go! Lots of important stuff on there...

Unfortunately, my mishaps above resulted in me not having the ideal trip I wanted. On a brighter note, at least I know this for next year!


Jacqueline (bookbutterfly) said...

You, lucky you!! I wanted to go...well, at least you were there at all! Maybe I'll get to go next year or the year after that or something. Hope you'll be there, too! :D

Sarah said...

-sigh- I wish there was a book festival here in Georgia. But I'm glad that you were able to enjoy it! :D

The1stdaughter said...

It's too bad I hadn't heard about you until today's post at Kate's site! There was a big group of us bloggers who got together, went to panels and had dinner. Next year you'll have to join us all!